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Table with ASCII-Codes.


Base and ambiguity codes used in DNA FASTA-files.

Extract images from PDF-files

Extract all image-files from PDF-files by using the right mouse button.

HTML Codes

Named Characters in HTML.

How to install NodeJS and NPM using NVM and Zsh-NVM?

This article describes how to install, update and use NodeJS, NPM and NVM using Zsh-NVM.

How to keep feature branches in the git history?

In this article you'll learn how to keep information about feature branches in the git history.

Install IrfanView on Linux

Installation of IrfanView on your Linux machine.

Install SplitsTree4 on 64 bit Ubuntu

Installation of SplitsTree4 on your 64 bit Linux system.

Installation of Zsh and Oh My Zsh

This article describes step by step how to install the Zsh including the Oh My Zsh framework.

Ubuntu code names

Ubuntu code names and their German translations.

Useful Firefox add-ons

Useful add-ons for Firefox.

Useful Software

Useful software that is installed on my system.

Which Ubuntu repositories does Linux Mint use?

Which Ubuntu repositories does Linux Mint use?